Welcome message

Stefan Güttel
Stefan Güttel (The University of Manchester), SIAM UKIE Secretary/Treasurer

Dear SIAM UKIE members:

It is my pleasure to accept the role of Secretary/Treasurer for the SIAM UKIE Section starting from April 2016 for a two-year period.

Thank you for your votes!

My primary role as Secretary/Treasurer is to enable SIAM members in the UK and the Republic of Ireland to benefit more from their membership through local activities. SIAM UKIE already has many ongoing activities, for example, at the 11 student chapters and the annual conferences. I will support and work towards the extension of these activities.

The new SIAM UKIE webpage has already been set up. You are currently reading a post in the new WordPress blog. These posts will be used to generate bi-monthly SIAM UKIE News which will be send to all SIAM UKIE members, following the tradition of the newsletters sent by Angela Mihai. I will also use Twitter to disseminate timely information about the section. A separate blog post will explain more about these activities.

Finally, let me take the opportunity to thank Angela for her great work as the previous Secretary/Treasurer and for enabling a very smooth handover. I also thank Des Higham and Jennifer Scott for their support and I’m very much looking forward to working with them.

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