Edinburgh SIAM Chapter 2015-2016 activities

“Let the year begin!”

As the first social event of the year we invited students to come along to dance Ceilidh.

That’s quite a fun way to attract new SIAM members. Just imagine the typical conversation:

  • Heel, toe, heel, toe…
  • So have you heard about SIAM before?
  • Turn around, one, two, three…
  • No, not really!
  • Polka, polka…
  • Oh, let me tell you! SIAM is a great Society!
  • And repeat all the movements faster! J

We had lots of fun and attracted new people to join SIAM!

“Continue on the high note.”

Some statistical research suggests that public speaking is one of the most stressful position for a human being. That’s why we decided to invite a public speaking and presentation coach to help our students to overcome the stress and to find the unique style to present the research.

Iain Davidson (www.iaindavidson.com) who ran the workshop is an experienced presentation skills trainer with many years working in both industry and the public sector with universities and the NHS.  Iain helps train hundreds of PhDs every year to reach their potential and believes that everyone has the ability to present personally, authentically, and professionally.

During the workshop everyone had an opportunity to learn, discuss and look from the other angle on their research and presentation techniques.

We specifically tied this workshop to the Annual Student Conference so the students were able to check on practice the tips and ideas they got from the workshop. We designed the conference in a way that Iain Davidson was watching the presenters and giving the feedback for each speaker to highlight some great ideas or what needs a bit more work.

All speakers gave very good talks but it was quite obvious that presenters who attended the workshop put a bit more of a thought and some creative ideas into their presentations which made their talks really outstanding!

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