Cambridge SIAM Student Chapter Conference 2016

On 4th May 2016, the University of Cambridge SIAM Student Chapter held their second annual conference. There were 5 speakers speaking on a various interesting topics.

  • Carola Schönlieb (DAMTP, Cambridge)
    Mathematical image analysis – from mitotic cells into the woods and to medieval art works
  • Simon Godsill (Cambridge Engineering)
    Sequential inference for dynamically evolving points, groups and clusters
  • Ray Goldstein (DAMTP, Cambridge)
    Upside down and inside out: the biomechanics of cell sheet folding
  • Richard Pinch (GCHQ)
    Post-modern cryptography
  • Nigel Peake (DAMTP, Cambridge)
    The aeroacoustics of the owl

We are very grateful to both SIAM and Schlumberger for sponsoring the event. Thanks to all who attended. The continuing members of the committee, led by Gabriele De Canio, look forward to organising the events for the next academic year.

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