Student Chapter Certificates of Recognition

SIAM Student Chapter certificates of recognition have been awarded to 97 students who have made outstanding contributions to their SIAM Student Chapters. See here for the complete list. We congratulate all recipients and in particular the following UK/IE based students:

Steven Pagett – University of Bath
Marcus D. Webb – University of Cambridge
Paul Greaney – National University of Ireland Galway
Alexandra Kuznetsova – Heriot-Watt/Edinburgh Universities
Noronha Moreira Antunes Gomes – Imperial College London
Weijian Zhang – University of Manchester
Kasia Kozlowska – University of Reading
Justin Conn – University of Strathclyde
Matt Dunlop – University of Warwick

From top-left to bottom-right row-wise: Paul Greaney (with Chris Marshall), Weijian Zhang (with Sven Hammarling), Alexandra Kuznetsova (with Gabriel Lord),  Justin Conn (with Des Higham)

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