Strathclyde SIAM Student Chapter Annual Meeting 2017

On May 3rd the University of Strathclyde SIAM Student Chapter held their annual meeting as part of Engage with Strathclyde 2017. There were 4 invited speakers: Dr Stefan Güttel (University of Manchester), Paul Sinclair (CGI), Dr Maria Bruna (University of Oxford), and Dr Kerem Akartunali (University of Strathclyde).

Dr Güttel kicked proceedings off with an introduction to nonlinear eigenvalue problems. He was followed by Paul Sinclair of CGI, who gave an informal talk on the way digital technology is shaping organisations followed by a Q & A. After a quick coffee break, Dr Bruna discussed the problem of diffusion in a porous medium with a spatially varying porosity. The talks were rounded off by Dr Akartunali, whose talk touched on some of the wide ranging applications of mathematical optimisation, from staff planning to radiotherapy treatment planning.

The talks were followed by a wine reception and an informal dinner. Overall the day was a great success, and on behalf of the Strathclyde Student Chapter we would like to thank SIAM for sponsoring the event, along with Engage with Strathclyde for providing the venue and catering services. We would also to thank all of the speakers who took part, along with Dr Jennifer Pestana and Prof. Des Higham who ensured the event ran smoothly throughout.


From left to right: Stefan Güttel, Paul Sinclair, Maria Bruna, Des Higham, Andrew Croudace, Jennifer Pestana, Joseph Cousins, Craig Gilmour, John MacKenzie.

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