Cardiff SIAM-IMA Student Chapter Three Minute Thesis



On 10th May, the SIAM-IMA Student Chapter hosted its inaugural ‘three-minute-thesis’ event. Based on an idea developed by the University of Queensland, the aim for the speaker is to condense their work into just 3 minutes, and give the audience an accessible flavour of their research. Anyone who’s spent months and years working on a topic will tell you that this is no mean feat, and the brief left the speakers thinking hard about how to make themselves stand out in such a short amount of time.

11 postgraduate students from Maths took part, while many more came to watch, and the competition was judged by staff. The stakes were high as the judges took their positions, armed with marking criteria resembling a final MMath presentation and prizes including a Raspberry Pi, t-shirts and a box of Maltesers. The three minute time slot was rigidly enforced by Waleed Ali and the candidates all did exceptionally well when conveying their ideas. The separation in the scores at the end was tiny, and the overall atmosphere of the event was light, friendly and enjoyed by all. Congratulations to the winners!

1st Prize – Nikoleta Glynatsi


2nd Prize – Alex Safar


3rd Prize (and Crowd Favourite!) – Danny Groves


The SIAM-IMA Student Chapter and I personally wish to thank Danny Groves for his excellent organisation of the event, the judges, Andreas Artemiou, Usama Kadri, Matthew Lettington and Waleed Ali and all of the speakers who took part. Thanks as well to all who attended and to Dough baguette shop for providing some excellent pastries afterwards! Given its success, we hope to continue this event in future years.

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