Conference report: SIAM Student Chapter conference at the University of Oxford

18554549_10154338551571114_360462048_nOn the 17th of May, the SIAM Student Chapter of the University of Oxford held its 9th Annual Conference. With the main goal of fostering interactions between graduate students in applied mathematics (in the broadest of senses), the conference provides graduate students an opportunity to present their own and learn about their peers’ research, be it during a poster presentation, a talk, or an informal discussion during one of the breaks.

The conference is traditionally opened and closed with a plenary lecture by a distinguished researcher. For this year’s conference, Prof. David Hobson from the University of Warwick gave the opening lecture on his recent work of “Prospect theory in a dynamic context”. The following ten student talks and six poster presentations covered a broad range of areas, including (stochastic) partial differential equations, network theory, numerical analysis, and mathematical modelling. The prize for the best talk and the prize for the best poster presentation were awarded based on the participants’ votes to Hadrien Montanelli and Ian Roper, both from the University of Oxford. The closing talk was given by Prof. Anne Juel from the University of Manchester on “Ribbon curling via differential stretching of thin polymer sheets” which provided ample material for further conversations over pizza and drinks in the common room of the institute.

With more than 50 registered participants coming not only from Oxford but from as far as Edinburgh, the conference fulfilled its purpose to increase the exchange of ideas and research within the graduate student community in applied mathematics. With next year’s conference marking the 10th anniversary, the SIAM Student Chapter of the University of Oxford is especially looking forward to welcoming familiar and new faces at their next conference.

The 9th Oxford University SIAM Student Chapter Conference on the 17th of May

Dear SIAM-UKIE members,

We would like to draw your attention to the 9th Annual Oxford University SIAM Student Chapter Conference will take place on the 17th of May in the Mathematical Institute in Oxford. The conference is aimed at graduate students pursuing their Masters or PhD and early stage PostDocs, participation is completely free, if you would like to have a free lunch and free pizza on the day, you should sign-up on

We invite you to turn your poster presentations for the BAMC or other research into a presentation (15 minutes) and apply to give a talk in front or a large student audience! The deadline for submitting your abstract is 23:59 on May 10th.

The opening and closing talks will be given by Prof David Hobson, who is a Professor of Stochastic Finance at the University of Warwick, and by Prof Anne Juel, who is a Professor of Fluid Mechanics at the University of Manchester, and

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via There is also a FB event page (

We look forward to welcoming you at the conference,

Your Oxford University SIAM Student Chapter Committee